Thomas & Court’s Van Life Part 1

Thomas & Court’s Van Life Part 1

Taking the East Coast one Dominos at a time

Hey guys,

In my blog post “6 homes in 5 months”, I mentioned our situation living out of a van, Mr. Squiggle. Mr. Squiggle became our beloved home for 4 weeks while we travelled the East Coast of Australia. We wanted to take our time and do it ‘right’ (our way), taking time to really enjoy all the stops along the coast.

We flew into Cairns, picked up Mr. Squiggle and began an adventure of a lifetime. It’s so surreal to me, a year ago, even two I was spending my spare time pinteresting away. My “Australia here I come” board brought me so much excitement, as I planned everything I wanted to do, see, and experience. Pin after pin, blog after blog, photo after photo, idea after idea, the list kept growing….I was planning this move abroad. Fast forward a year and I’m here. It’s one of those “pinch me” things I have quite often been doing here in Australia. Now I was getting to live out of a van, and just go with the flow of the Aussie life, seeing, doing and exploring all this beautiful country has to offer.

The dream….buy a van, travel the country, live freely, slowly, and live simply. It’s always been a dream. I’ve recited this dream countless times my squad, to Thomas and my family. Now…we did not buy a van here in Australia due to the logistics of it, but back in Canada that will change. We got great advice from East Coast Tours on  Campervan Hire and I am so happy because our van was perfect!

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Weekend Wanderings

Good morning beautifuls,

Pour yourself a beautiful cup of something caffeinated, like a cappuccino because I’m back at chuuu with some more Weekend Wanderings.

The Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is beautiful. It is a very unique place in Victoria where most Melbournians cottage and spend many weekends in the summer kicking back. The Mornington Peninsula was highly recommended to us, and to no surprise we loved it. Best known for its beautiful beaches and national parks, the Peninsula is home to incredible eateries, local produce, beautiful scenery, and the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Shire is made up of so many beautiful towns but we only made it to a few in the one day we had. Portsea, Rye and Sorrento were our stops, but I think we’ll be back.

We left Melbourne at 7:30 am for our fun filled day of exploring. What began as a very ‘rough’ start to the day…rainy, couldn’t find our rental car and Thomas having a bathroom emergency, turned into a day filled with many laughs & sun. 

7:30 am- Picked up our car from Car Next Door.

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes- Brighton Beach is Melbourne’s most iconic beach. Famous for its strip of rainbow-coloured bathing boxes, the beachside suburb is one of the wealthiest areas in Melbourne. We stopped here on our way to the Peninsula. Lucky for me, my train ride goes right by these beautiful beach boxes every day. A cute little bathing box will set you back a whooping $200,000 (roughly). Supposedly, they are only for sale to local bayside residents who view the historic boxes as a lifestyle investment. The history behind these iconic beach boxes comes from the 1800s when they were originally used as ladies changing sheds. These boxes have no electricity or running water…. to retain their Victorian architecture. We absolutely loved this spot, only about a 15 minute train ride from our house, the lifestyle, classy suburb, colourful beach boxes and the views of the city are hard to beat.


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Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings

Happy Monday guys!

I hear it’s been a really, like super hot summer over in Toronto. Of course…the summer we miss. LOL!

As always, grab a cappuccino (an iced one) & enjoy.

I’ve always been a very busy, active person. I’m not really the girl that enjoys doing “nothing” or watching movies very often. As soon as we got to Melbourne I ensured we were utilizing every weekend we had to the best of our ability. We worked 5 days a week and I know I know some people use the weekend for sleeping in and catching up on errands, but I’m in Melbourne! Yes sometimes I use the weekends for errands, more so now than before because I am no longer a “tourist” really. But sleeping in? No thanks. Instead, Thursday nights might be the night I would organize, get groceries, clean, run errands etc. and when Saturday rolled around I wasn’t rolling out of bed any later than 8 am.

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Hi guys!

For those of you following along, thank you. I want this space to be a place where you can come catch up on my adventure, laugh, escape your own daily stress and be inspired. For those of you hoping to travel, this is a place where you can hopefully gain some tips and tricks to taking on a huge move across the world, or a small weekend getaway anywhere and everywhere. I hope this post finds you in a mood to take risks, and say yes. I have been in Melbourne for 5 months now, and I only started this blog two months ago. I have a lot to learn. Technology has never been my “thang”. But life is all about learning and growing, so I am hoping to eventually understand all this wordpress b.s eventually.

So…. let me tell you about our crazy living situation in Melbourne. Before Thomas (my boyfriend) decided to join this life changing adventure, I met three other girls from Toronto, all planning to take the plunge & move to Melbourne, pursing the goal of teaching and travelling. All three of us met via our agency and decided to grab coffee. We instantly clicked & planned to live together upon our arrival.

As life goes, things happen and things change. Different circumstances, timing, wants and needs. In the end, one girl and I decided we would still live together. Then Thomas dropped the ball that he had decided he was ready for the plunge!

When moving across the globe, we were warned not to sign a lease or choose a place to live before we saw the place. Understandably so, because I know a lot of people get screwed over from this “preplanning”. Melbourne is iconic for its trendy city “suburbs”, and we weren’t really sure what we could afford, where we wanted to live in terms of work and night life. So, it only made sense to pick an air bnb. Thomas, our roommate and I booked an air bnb for the first two weeks in Melbourne while we settled in. We picked up another roommate along the way and chose another place for all 4 of us. Another air bnb.

Our first Air bnb was in Richmond. The place was beautiful, but we expected more from the suburb. More cafes, and restaurants. It was nice. But we knew it wasn’t going to be our “spot”.

The 3 of us were here for 2 weeks, where we had a private room, and the owner was in the other. The place itself was gorgeous, we even hosted a Sangria Pool Party on ANZAC Day but the owner of the place…that’s another story.


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Melbourne Realizations

Melbourne Realizations

I can’t believe I’ve been here for 5 months! Here are some of my “realizations” thus far.


  1. The FOOD scene here is real.
  2. If you aren’t partaking in the brunch scene on Saturdays and Sundays, you aren’t living.
  3. Coffee is FREAKIN huge here. It’s a lifestyle.
  4. Then again flat whites usually go for 4 or 5 dollars…for a pretty tiny cup. CRAZY!
  5. The winter months are COOOOOLD! Yes, I’m Canadian, so 10 degrees should not feel COLD, but the wind that is Melbourne in the winter months is next level.
  6. Markets save you plenty of money. Buy your produce from markets such as the Queen Victoria market and you will save plenty of money.
  7. Espresso Martini’s are huge & for good reason. Trust me, they are YUMMMM but $$$.
  8. Yes people actually walk around, grocery shop and go about their days barefoot. No joke. In Melbourne we see it a bit, but coming down the coast from Cairns…oh me oh my, it’s like you are weird for wearing flip flops or any kind of shoe for that matter.
  9. Chapel Street will kill your bank account. From the brunch spots, the cafes, the amount of restaurants and bars… will have the hardest time choosing where to begin your morning or night out.
  10. It is very common to enjoy brunch at one place, hop on over to another café for afternoon coffee, and start getting the drinks flowing somewhere on a patio around 4 or 5 pm….and let the night carry you away.

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Hi guys!

IT’S AUGUST! And it’s been awhile….I apologize. I just finally updated you guys on Sydney and I WENT IN APRIL. I’m the worst. But in all honesty, ever since I got to Melbourne it’s been go, go, go. We are always out exploring, consuming copious amounts of calories eating at all the yummy brunch spots, indulging in too many flat whites and espresso martinis…because why the heck not. When I wasn’t working or doing any of the above, I was working away on a course and finding cheap bottles of wine to kick back with. The past few months in Melbourne have given me a new pant size (not impressed) because well lets be honest, the gyms here are expensive and the food to die for. I’ve played tourist for a while, lived in four different apartments, in different city “suburbs”, and really gotten to know the vibes and culture that is Melbourne. Last week we moved into our fifth place…. in 4 months. So yes, it’s been BUUUSSSYYY. There was a time when we were “homeless” so we decided no where to stay in Melbourne meant every reason to go. We jumped on a plane to South Australia and took in the magic that is the Barossa Valley and Kangaroo Island. We’ve also taken advantage of the school holidays that just passed and extended them a wee bit. We took off for a month to explore the East Coast of Australia… hence why I’ve been MIA on here. Living in a van meant never knowing when or if we’ll have Wi-Fi (which was extremely rare), going over my data multiple times (thanks google maps), and never having a phone charged over 15% (it’s your fault snapchat). Needless to say, I have a lot to fill you guys in on. So bare with me, you’re about to be bombarded.

But for now I’m off to watch the Bachelorette Finale with some cheap wine & Tim Tams. Jordan or Robby…. I’m not sure how I feel about either of them, but I do know I have a huge girl crush on JOJO.


Court xoxo

Ps; I hope you all had a beautiful hot & sunny long weekend, kicking back by a campfire with s’mores & sangria on the lake.




Landing in Sydney, I was running on complete adrenaline. After 24 hours of travelling and 2 flights, I can’t even say I was tired because my flight from LAX –> SYD was 15 hours….and I slept for a solid 13 hours. How I got so lucky, I have no idea. The plane was empty, I had a whole row to myself, so of course I sprawled right out, took off my uggs, ordered a glass of complimentary wine, said a prayer, opened some plane letters and curled right up with the blanket and pillow that was awaiting me. I even managed to fall asleep after the first sip and wake up to the rest of the wine all over me (thank god it was white). Delta…thank you for making me feel like I was flying first class. That was by far the best airplane food I’ve ever had and the flight attendants were fantastic.


Getting off that flight in a completely different time zone had me a bit out of whack, but luckily JESS was there to welcome me with the cutest sign!

Couldn’t ask for more

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Part 2: How this all came to be

Part 2 of how this all came to be….How I got to Australia!

One of the many Instagram screenshots I keep as reminders

In life you are provided with incredible opportunities. As someone I met once told me, you can say “thank you universe, but right now this is not for me”. I couldn’t get those words out of my head. Both options truly were for me and I wanted both. And I wanted them badly. Before I continue, I want to thank everyone who supported me and gave me every bit of help that they could. Me….Miss Indecision, would still be tossing a coin. I needed a support system and thankfully I’ve got a really damn good one. I decided to work at the schools in Ontario, build connections, relationships and networks before departing on my Australian Adventure in April 2016. So far, this decision has turned out amazing.

More inspo

I wasn’t just going to be travelling for a month or two. I was actually moving across the world to work and play. This decision required me to leave three incredible jobs behind, leave behind my gal pals, my family, my best friend- aka mom and my long term boyfriend. Yuppp….this was not going to be easy. Actually the farthest thing from easy. The months leading up to my departure were a whirlwind of excitement, nerves and some sadness. Some people questioned my choices and reasons for embarking on this journey, a lot of people encouraged me, cheered me on and for those people- thank you. You know who you are. If you hadn’t encouraged me, supported me, rooted for me, reassured me, hugged me and celebrated with me, I would not be here in a cafe, with a flat white, eating the famous “smashed avo”with the biggest smile on my face right now.

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Part 1: How this all came to be

Part 1: How this all came to be

I’ve always loved travelling, since I was a little girl I swear I’ve had the “travel bug”. Obviously, the love and need for travelling doesn’t come from anywhere. My family travelled quite a bit, from skiing in the Rocky Mountains to escaping the Canadian winters for a Caribbean vacation or road tripping to Florida annually, traveling was always a huge priority. I think the adventure that really did it for me was the summer between 5th and 6th grade, when my parents decided that we were embarking on a 6-week road trip…in an RV. It was always my dads dream to travel the West Coast of the U.S and Canada in an RV, so when the stars aligned, my dad jumped on the opportunity to make this dream a reality. When July rolled around we packed up our newly purchased RV, loaded up the dog and we were off. Those 6 weeks will always hold a very special place in my heart. The memories and experiences that came from that adventure really sparked my obsession with travel and experiencing everything the world has to offer. A little overview of where our adventure took us:  Ontario-> Illinois-> Iowa-> Nebraska-> Wyoming-> Utah-> Nevada -> California->   Oregon-> Washington-> British Columbia-> Alberta-> Saskatchewan-> Manitoba->Ontario. 9 States, 5 Provinces, 9024 kilometers, 43 days, countless lookouts, too many cities, thousands of laughs. Waking up each morning, my mom would jump in the passenger seat with the biggest map I have ever seen (and by map I mean a real map, this was well before Google Maps and smartphones, so mapping your route took a little more work than just typing in your destination from your current location LOLz). My dad would jump into the drivers seat with his coffee, ready for a big day of driving. This adventure was a big change from our normal routine, which consisted of soccer practices, hockey try outs, baton competitions, summer BBQs and meant leaving our cottage for the summer, which is where we basically spend our summers (and still do). It amazes me that my parents took this leap of faith….well I think my dad pretty much shoved my mom in the RV against her own will. She loves her home, her routine, and enjoys taking trips…but 6 weeks in an RV with the entire family and basically still having to do her normal home routine on the move…yup not her ideal vacation. I could go on forever about this trip but my point is, my love of travelling and exploring is in my bones.

rv living
RV life 

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