HI FRIENDS!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you pour yourself a glass of Zinfandel, take your heels off & stay awhile. I’m Courtney, a Torontonian who loves the city life, but feels most at home on the beach at my family’s summer home on Georgian Bay- where our summers consist of sangria, sunsets, giggles, bonfires, friends and family. Currently living in Melbourne, Australia, my gypsy soul always has me seeking new adventures, experiences, thrills and excitement. Obsessions include sparklers, pale-pink Volkswagen vans, hosting parties, Gerber daisies, five-inch heels, the bachelor, cute cafes for cappuccino, sipping red wine between belly laughs with the girls, and planning my next jet-setting adventure. As a twenty-something young professional, I am a teacher by day and a librarian by night. Known as a Tasmanian devil for my crazy schedule, energetic and powerful personality, tendencies of eating a salad and flossing while driving, and always being on the go, go, go. I adore all things pink, and have a very “positive penny” and enthusiastic attitude and approach to life. I am a firm believer in grabbing life by the balls, and that the world truly is our oyster.

My hope is to inspire you to wander this beautiful world of ours, explore it, taste it, and experience it. Take risks, say yes, and know that you can drive your own bus. Appreciate the small things in life and the moments that make us smile, and give us goose bumps, make our tummies do somersaults and our heart go pitter patter.

I hope you enjoy following my chaotic journey down under, with a cappuccino in hand.

I promise it’ll be anything but boring,

Cheers! xoxo

   Court xoxo


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