As you might know, we are currently in New Zealand and arrive home today! EEEEKKKK CUE THE TEARS, CUE THE SPARKLERS, PROSECCO, SHIRAZ, PALE PINK RVS, CUE THE OI OI OI, THE FEAST, THE INSTAGRAMS, THE HUGS. I’ll put it simply. We can’t wait. We just completed a 25 km hike through Abel Tasman (South Island) and spent an hour of that hike discussing the food we are going to consume when we get home. “What are you craving most?” And then a list followed and a deep, passionate, mouth watering conversation about food evolved. 

If you know us, you know we are the biggest foodies out there. Individually we can consume A LOT OF FOOD, and have always loved food. Put us together, make us a couple and oh god it is scary. Our live revolves around food, we bond over it and mend fights with the simple sentence “alright what are you feeling?…nope not legit feeling, feeling in terms of eating. My girlfirends called their time in Melbourne, the food tour….and oh heck it was. So yes we are huge foodies and consume a lot of food! I know I don’t cook but hey I can still be a foodie right? 

 Anyways, what are we most excited for when we get home?

My first demand on a very long list is a Tim Hortons Ice Cap and sprinkle donut (sorry gluten allergy but this is a nonnegotiable). 8 months too long. How Canadian of us?

Salmon and Cream Cheese. Okay we consumed a lot of this while travelling, but living out of a car  these past two weeks….the craving is real. Bring it on!

Meats and Cheeses. Australia’s meat was not the same and always hurt our stomachs. Dad bring on your spread…..with the obvious wolf blass wine. 

Mister Moons. Yes Chinese food take out is happening asap. Australia just doesn’t do it the same.

Marcello’s. I need that antipasto platter in my belly within days of arriving. 

Tutti Panini. Our veal  go to. 

Mom’s potatoes. No one does them like you mom.

Dads Ribs. I legit asked for these once we get home from the airport. My moms response “It’ll be like 11:30 pm at that time”…”YOUR POINT?”

Pie. I don’t know why but I need pumpkin, pecan and rhubarb pie. Must be the fact that I missed Thanksgiving.

Pecan Buttertarts. Need I say more.

THE KEG. Okay most of you know my obsession with the Keg, I think most of us share this obsession. Fantin family birthdays, milestones, anniversaries, basically anything worth celebrating…you will find us at the Keg. My best friend worked their for YEARS and you would find us girls their about once a week. So, 8 months without the keg is legit separation anxiety. What will I consume? First off, calamari to start, nachos for the table, the garden salad and a medium rare prime rib with a loaded baked potato of course. Add the Red Zinfindal and a billy miner to finish and this girl is ON CLOUD NINE. 

And Thomas? He is excited for most of the above, but mostly for his nonna’s spread. In his words “I’m going to be so spoiled”. And he will!

I guess it kinds of sounds like we starved in Australia…..don’t get me wrong we ate GOOOOOOD, thankfully for Thomas’s good cooking, but some things will never be “home”.  

I better figure out a workout routine once I fulfill all these cravings. I already barely fit into my pre Australian clothes……I’m working on it kk. Maybe after the holidays I’ll buckle down? Maybe. 

I can’t wait for my bed. My kitchen and bathroom. I guess that’s normal after living in 2 vans for 7 weeks, a car for 2, 6 different postal addresses, and a total of 7 different Airbnb/sublet rooms. My fireplace, cozy nights at home and my car. I also can’t wait for TV, we haven’t had a TV since May. Just for the simple things of the news, my shows etc. I’m not really a watch shows on my laptop or read the news on my phone person, so the TV is going to be exciting. Seriously, it’s these “little things” which really are the big things. The things we take for granted so often, when in reality we are so lucky to have these luxuries. 

I can’t wait to see everyone at home, enjoy the delicious food, share stories, photos, videos, memories, laugh, cry and appreciate all this journey brought to us and all the wonderful people in our life. I can’t help but think about the going away parties my friends threw for me and melt a little (okay a lot). For real, it was out of this world. The send off from my family, friends and coworkers was incredible. The gifts, the details, the well wishes, the letters. All of it. Thank you guys.

Now get ready because this chick is coming in hot….fresh out of car life, on an adrenaline rush, with a range of emotions, home for the holidays.

Much love from this chaotic mess,

    Court xoxo