Thanksgiving Already?

Thanksgiving Already?

   I LOVE Thanksgiving. Like absolutely adore it. It’s my second favourite holiday besides Christmas….obviously. Being away for Thanksgiving issss weird. I love autumn!! The cool crisp air, the pumpkins, raspberry and ruburb pies, homemade soups, Sunday family roasts and yummy squash, movie nights, long, cool walks, watching the leaves change colour, carving pumpkins, the potential to still enjoy patio weather, the warm fire nights creeping in and bringing out all the knits, uggs and beanies. Thanksgiving is such a homey, happy feel. I mean… blankets, books, cool cottage weekends, baileys and coffee on the deck, warm cider, mulled wine…I’m in. It definitely creates some nostalgia of university when everyone would come home for the long weekend and reunite in our little town at either the local bar or someone’s house on the Friday night of Thanksgiving. Throw in a little Friendsgiving, and family celebrations, you have a food and fun filled, thankful weekend. I love having everyone together and I love hosting Friendsgiving. Originally I was planning on being home in October just in time for Thanksgiving, but as life goes, that changed. So, it is a little strange not being in the Oaks for Thanksgiving. Okay more than a little. 

My second favourite holiday 

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The gals 

   Also can we talk about how fast time is flying!!! Where did September go? It’s super weird for me here in Australia because for 22 years I have been accustomed to September marking the beginning of school, the ending of a beautiful, fun filled, busy, cottage spent summer. September marks the beginning of cooler weather, getting “back” to routine, creating new goals, new jobs, new courses, and new beginnings. In Australia, September marks the end of winter, the beginning of spring and warmer weather aka patio weather and everyone is gearing up for bikini season and OF COURSE Race Day (Melbourne Cup). The school system is different here, and February is the start of the school year. So September is much like our April/ May… lots of concerts, celebrations, BBQS, assessments and wrapping things up, preparing for the summer holidays/ end of the school year. It’s just weird to me. I don’t know if I am making any sense but I just had a hard time when September rolled around. September came and I love the idea of a new day planner, colour coding my new routine, new “back to school” items and outfits. After all, I am a teacher so my body and mindset is still in that routine of a student. For me, September is much like New Years, it just brings fresh energy and inspiration. More than any season fall just represents a huge opportunity for change, and it means Halloween costume prep, and pre- Christmas build up. I really struggled with the difference of seasons and timing here when September rolled around. And it came and went, in the blink of an eye.

Cozy autumn nights, with sparklers obviously 



    They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia. For the past two years, I have hosted a Friendsgiving with all my closest friends, so it feels strange not being home. Some Canadian friends in Melbourne are throwing a thanksgiving dinner but I will be on a plane…so no turkey or pie for us. Can you believe we can’t find any pie here? Only meat pies in Australia….and I have yet to try one. The only pie I want is pumpkin, ruburb or raspberry!! Anyways, if your reading this I am thankful for you! Thank you for reading, for supporting me to take this huge leap and move across the world, and thank you for being you and bringing so much love, positive energy and joy to my life. I am thankful for you all! Even though I’m not home to celebrate and engage in all the thanksgiving festivities and eat all the food, I am very grateful to be where I am, in this exact moment. I hope everyone back home or wherever you are, that you are enjoying the beautiful weather, enjoying the vest and poncho outfits, pumpkin spice lattes, fall sangria, apple ciders, turkey and enjoying pumpkin patches and pie. I hope you are turning new leafs and starting new chapters, beginnings and embracing new opportunities. I love that about fall! It’s a season of change, and it’s oh so refreshing.

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Enjoy your long weekend!


    Court xoxo


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  1. Loved cuddling up under my blanket with a cup of tea and reading your blog 💞☕️💞 Thanksgiving although it was beautiful we all missed you so much 😍 Can’t wait to read more we love you to the moon and back 💜


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