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Pour yourself a beautiful cup of something caffeinated, like a cappuccino because I’m back at chuuu with some more Weekend Wanderings.

The Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is beautiful. It is a very unique place in Victoria where most Melbournians cottage and spend many weekends in the summer kicking back. The Mornington Peninsula was highly recommended to us, and to no surprise we loved it. Best known for its beautiful beaches and national parks, the Peninsula is home to incredible eateries, local produce, beautiful scenery, and the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Shire is made up of so many beautiful towns but we only made it to a few in the one day we had. Portsea, Rye and Sorrento were our stops, but I think we’ll be back.

We left Melbourne at 7:30 am for our fun filled day of exploring. What began as a very ‘rough’ start to the day…rainy, couldn’t find our rental car and Thomas having a bathroom emergency, turned into a day filled with many laughs & sun. 

7:30 am- Picked up our car from Car Next Door.

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes- Brighton Beach is Melbourne’s most iconic beach. Famous for its strip of rainbow-coloured bathing boxes, the beachside suburb is one of the wealthiest areas in Melbourne. We stopped here on our way to the Peninsula. Lucky for me, my train ride goes right by these beautiful beach boxes every day. A cute little bathing box will set you back a whooping $200,000 (roughly). Supposedly, they are only for sale to local bayside residents who view the historic boxes as a lifestyle investment. The history behind these iconic beach boxes comes from the 1800s when they were originally used as ladies changing sheds. These boxes have no electricity or running water…. to retain their Victorian architecture. We absolutely loved this spot, only about a 15 minute train ride from our house, the lifestyle, classy suburb, colourful beach boxes and the views of the city are hard to beat.



Millionaires Walk in Sorrento- This isn’t really much of a walk. More like 20 minutes of feeling bad ass or as they say here, “cheeky”. There is a small section of the Mornington Peninsula coastline, where Sorrento crosses into Portsea. This area is defs for the rich and famous who were fortunate enough to secure property along some of the most valuable land in Victoria.The little track known as Millionaires Walk is about 1.6 kms long and has priceless views of the bay taking you pass multi-million dollar properties. It honestly felt like we were trespassing at points, walking along the front and back lawns of the high rollers summer homes. I might be bias because lets get real, the name itself….Sorrento. I immediately think of the incredible memories I had last summer in Sorrento, Italy. Here, Sorrento, Victoria gave me the warm & fuzzy feelings. Elegant houses on one side with gorgeous gardens, and on the other, rows of boat houses and beautiful views. 



Fort Nepean National Park-  an amazing place to explore and get a feel for some of the Peninsula’s rich history.The park is located at the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula, with outstanding coastal scenery and panoramic views of Bass Strait, the Rip and Port Phillip Bay. You can explore the military forts and tunnels, discover the historic Quarantine Station, view the memorial where Prime Minister Harold Holt went missing or simply enjoy the coastal surrounds. 


Rye Back Beach Dragons Head (which we never found)- we tried so hard to find this spot! And did A LOT of research so we knew where it was. Whelp, it did not work out for us. But this is what we were looking for according to google.

This beautiful photo found Here www.alexwisephotography.net/blog 

Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs- Now this is a place to indulge. This natural hot springs and day spa is located on the outskirts of the township of Rye; providing the most perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. We decided to take a dip in one of their many bathing pools, rather than booking ourselves in for one of the luxury treatments. We loved the foot massage…walking over a path of different rocks that massage your feet in different, weird, exciting ways! These images are courtesy of google because I left my phone in the locker.


Our night ended with Thomas driving back making a pit stop in St. Kilda where we enjoyed some cocktails on the water at Republica.

There is so much more to do in the Peninsula and deciding how long you want to spend there truly depends on the season and your budget. We really wanted to make it to the town of Red Hill and go to Monalto Winery for lunch and Red Hill Brewery, but we didn’t make it because our appointment at the Hot Springs was quickly approaching. I think 2-3 days here is ideal. Luckily for my colleagues, many of teachers I work with, live on the Peninsula or spend their summer weekends frolicking in the coastal, beach life. 

Well as you all begin your Monday mornings, I am ending my Monday night. Enjoy Bach in Paradise for me….I will be watching tomorrow.

Kick Monday’s ass.


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