Weekend Wanderings

Weekend Wanderings

Happy Monday guys!

I hear it’s been a really, like super hot summer over in Toronto. Of course…the summer we miss. LOL!

As always, grab a cappuccino (an iced one) & enjoy.

I’ve always been a very busy, active person. I’m not really the girl that enjoys doing “nothing” or watching movies very often. As soon as we got to Melbourne I ensured we were utilizing every weekend we had to the best of our ability. We worked 5 days a week and I know I know some people use the weekend for sleeping in and catching up on errands, but I’m in Melbourne! Yes sometimes I use the weekends for errands, more so now than before because I am no longer a “tourist” really. But sleeping in? No thanks. Instead, Thursday nights might be the night I would organize, get groceries, clean, run errands etc. and when Saturday rolled around I wasn’t rolling out of bed any later than 8 am.

I thought it was time to share some of the fun & exciting things we’ve been up to since moving to Melbourne. So here we have it, our first week of Weekend Wanderings.

The Grampians. Some people spend a weekend up in the Grampians or they take a tour. We decided with our time and budget that a day trip was sufficient to see and do what we wanted to. We rented a car using Car Next Door. This was a cheaper way for us because being under 25, most of the car rental companies in Melbourne charge you (which is usually the case in a lot of places). But Car Next Door is basically like AirBnb but with someone’s car. We highl recommend it. The whole process sounds tedious at first, but it really isn’t. We picked up our car nice and early, around 7 am and took off to the Grampians. Our two hour drive consisted of road trip music, belting out songs, and Thomas driving.

There is so much to see in the Grampians, so you really have to narrow it down when it comes to what you want to see, what works for your itinerary, budget and interests.

When I plan something like this, I do extensive research, from pinterest to blog, to national park websites and talking with fellow Aussies. I put a lot of time into finding out where to go and what makes the most sense in terms of distance between each attraction. I map it out in a way that makes sense, still allows us to see the main things while giving us some time to wander and explore whatever interests us. Sometimes the best moments or spots are the ones unplanned, the ones that come as a surprise.

Our top picks for the Grampians National Park:

-Mackenzie Falls

-Baroka Lookout/ the Pinnacles

-The Balconies- Jaws of Death

-Grampians motel in Halls Gap for Kangaroos in their natural habitat just chilling and hanging out.

-Bellfield Lake

-Grampians Road.

There are plenty of hikes available, but we didn’t do many because we only had a day. We were able to save a lot of money because all of the things listed above were free, we split the car 4 ways and packed a picnic.

Here are some of photos of our incredible day!

Wild Kangaroos 
Bad quality snap chat of this unreal sunset 
On the edge & stuff


Hot ride


Mackenzie Falls
Baroka Lookout 


Jaws of Death 



It really is all about what works for you! Do you!


Court xoxo


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