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For those of you following along, thank you. I want this space to be a place where you can come catch up on my adventure, laugh, escape your own daily stress and be inspired. For those of you hoping to travel, this is a place where you can hopefully gain some tips and tricks to taking on a huge move across the world, or a small weekend getaway anywhere and everywhere. I hope this post finds you in a mood to take risks, and say yes. I have been in Melbourne for 5 months now, and I only started this blog two months ago. I have a lot to learn. Technology has never been my “thang”. But life is all about learning and growing, so I am hoping to eventually understand all this wordpress b.s eventually.

So…. let me tell you about our crazy living situation in Melbourne. Before Thomas (my boyfriend) decided to join this life changing adventure, I met three other girls from Toronto, all planning to take the plunge & move to Melbourne, pursing the goal of teaching and travelling. All three of us met via our agency and decided to grab coffee. We instantly clicked & planned to live together upon our arrival.

As life goes, things happen and things change. Different circumstances, timing, wants and needs. In the end, one girl and I decided we would still live together. Then Thomas dropped the ball that he had decided he was ready for the plunge!

When moving across the globe, we were warned not to sign a lease or choose a place to live before we saw the place. Understandably so, because I know a lot of people get screwed over from this “preplanning”. Melbourne is iconic for its trendy city “suburbs”, and we weren’t really sure what we could afford, where we wanted to live in terms of work and night life. So, it only made sense to pick an air bnb. Thomas, our roommate and I booked an air bnb for the first two weeks in Melbourne while we settled in. We picked up another roommate along the way and chose another place for all 4 of us. Another air bnb.

Our first Air bnb was in Richmond. The place was beautiful, but we expected more from the suburb. More cafes, and restaurants. It was nice. But we knew it wasn’t going to be our “spot”.

The 3 of us were here for 2 weeks, where we had a private room, and the owner was in the other. The place itself was gorgeous, we even hosted a Sangria Pool Party on ANZAC Day but the owner of the place…that’s another story.





Next, we moved into an apartment in Collingwood. We loved this place! We were right off of iconic Smith Street, minutes to Gertrude and Brunswick Street (these names mean nothing to you, but drop them in Melbourne and you sound super hip). We had a blast walking the streets in the evenings, bustling with young professionals out eating, drinking and splurging. Our place was a nice size, and we shared way too many laughs, bottles of wine, and stories with each other. And rarely had any problems sharing the bathroom. Poor Thomas, living with 3 teachers, let alone girls! I can’t even tell you from the second all 4 of us sat down for dinner…a bottle of wine was being opened, and we would go off. And I mean go off! The good, the bad, the ugly, the outrageous stories of our days. Dinner would finish, we would still be sitting at the table, opening a bag of nachos and dip. We loved our area and our time in our little Collingwood pad. I feel like that place will be with us forever. We had so much fun in that house, but we all had different schools we were continuously going too, and continuing to live together meant someone was going to have to comprise on their commute (big time), their budget and so forth. So, sadly we decided we were all here on our own journeys and no one should have to compromise that muuuuccchhhh and we went our separate ways.





I was not willing to move into a residential area, I was adamant on living in the city or as they have here, a city suburb. Thomas and I also wanted to play it save and kind of smart. Instead of having a lease that we were tied down too, we wanted to sublet people’s places so that when we decided to travel and go away for various lengths at one time, we could. And not be paying rent for a place we weren’t currently in. Instead, we would use that money to do more travelling. We had a week between our Collingwood air bnb and our new sublet, so I thought heck we’re “homeless”, let’s just travel. Both of our jobs are pretty flexible, so we decided on a smaller 6 day trip. We flew to Adelaide where we had the chance to experience Barossa Valley, Kangaroo Island and the rolling hills of Adelaide. It was perfect. More on that later. Once we came home from Adelaide we subletted a room in this cute, petite, clean apartment with the absolute best location. We stayed there for 2 weeks and loved every moment of it. Our street, which we later learned is quite famous…Greville Street represents the high rollers of Melbourne, the young professionals who are constantly out, eating, drinking, and gyming, hair done, nails done, spray tans, and some cosmetic surgery. Mixed with the older couples and families of Melbourne who still love the city life their little suburb provides. We had some of our best brunches and drinks on that street. How to describe this place mhmhmhm Prahran…..Day drinking at College Lawn is a lifestyle, where you are bound to see some footy players and or crazy fanatics over footy. We really enjoyed this place and I wish it was ours for the remainder of this adventure. Everything happens for a reason though. We even scored and made 2 great friends out of that place. We instantly clicked with our roommate who was from Saskatchewan and our shared love of food and travel kept us busy most evenings…eating and or planning trips;)



When our two weeks was up in Prahran on our beloved Greville Street, we packed our bags and headed on a big trip! We decided to utilize the school holidays that were soon approaching and took off to Cairns where we began a month long East Coast Adventure…..in our new home….A VAN…..named Mr. Squiggle. Yea, not my first pick for a name. Some of you may know my obsession with VW vans or as they call them here Kombi’s….and I am determined and sure that one day I will own my very own pale pink VW van. But I promise she won’t be named Mrs. Squiggle. Boy oh boy was our new home amazing. It was our life for FOUR WEEKS. That is a lot of time to spend in one place, with one person. Instantly we fell in love with Mr. Squiggle. We ate, slept, drank too much, ate too much Dominoes, laughed, and cried in our beloved van. That baby took us from Cairns to the Daintree Rainforest, back to Cairns and all the way to Byron Bay. We knew we would love the van, but I don’t think we expected to love living in a van as much as we did. It became our home. Yes, their were moments we could loose our shit because “where’s your toothbrush, where’s that bathing suit I just had, oh my god everything is everywhere, we need to reorganize”….and so forth. But, those very minimal tiny downfalls meant nothing to us, we laughed through them. Needless to say, I am prowling the internet for my very own pink van. I even found one here in Aus, but I want to bring it back to Canada with me, so I think I’ll hold off for a little while longer….



Once we got back from our 4 week vacation, we moved in to our new place which we found online while living in the van. We did not see the place before hand. I’ll spare you the dirty deets but basically, we walked in that day back from our trip and when you know you know. The good and the bad. You know. This place was not for us….AT ALL. It was far from our beloved Greville Street, and super suburbia. The place came with 2 other roommates who were always in their room, had no living room and a very small kitchen. For two people who love to socialize and cook this place was far from ideal. Okay okay… I know what you’re thinking…two people who love to cook? Let’s get real, one person who loves to cook and two people who love to eat. But I do a great job at my signature salads and topping up the wine glasses…so…winning. After multiple breakdowns and minutes from booking a flight home, I took matters into my own hands and found us a new place the very next day. Therefore we spent only 4 nights in this “unideal” apartment. This now brings us to our current home, our 6th place.


I know you’re thinking, these people are crazy! Six homes in 5 months. And if you aren’t thinking it, you should. Because it is tough! And it is true! We are crazy. There are so many pros to it, but this “lifestyle” we have decided to adopt does come with a couple cons. It means never fully “unpacking”, constantly lugging two super heavy suitcases, two extremely large backpacks, and multiple carry on bags around town. From ubers to trams, we’ve used every mode of transportation through these moves. It does get exhausting, and every so often you think “this is it, our last place, I’m not packing up again until it’s back to Canada”, but that’s not quite true. So here we have it our sixth, but not final place. The beauty of this new place is it is in the PERFECT location and I mean perfect. Actually perfect for us, but not for our bank accounts. We are so so lucky with our new spot. We are subletting it from a 20 something year old Italian who is back in Italy visiting family for awhile. It is a house. It is on this pristine street where all the up and comings are, the young professionals, the footy players, the models and the money. Except we got this place for next to nothing. We lucked out huge! And we have our own bathroom, and super cool roommates. Needless to say, we are much happier, and feel more at “home”. There is nothing worse than coming home from work to a “home” you hate, where it feels cold, dull and just not for you. I refused to let that happen. This new place is 2 minutes away from upscale boutiques….so I strut by with an insane amount of self discipline and walk right past them, and instead splurge too often on the brunch scene that is Chapel Street. Our new suburb, South Yarra is right next to our old fav, Prahran. South Yarra (our current and favourite place) is described on particular websites as the “Jimmy Choo” kind of shoe….the sex and the city type of place. And it also got the “Stiletto” from another site…being described as an “image conscious suburb with plenty of well paid professionals who don’t really eat much but like spending money on goats cheese, sugar cubes from France, expensive wine, and hanging out at hip bars with their fab, beautiful, friends.” LOL.  Everybody on this street is either shopping, going to an insanely overprized gym or Pilates studio, sitting outside on the heated patios drinking and eating. No one is ever in their dayum homes! Life here is work, gym, eat, drinks, late night coffee, more drinks, bed. And repeat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s so me! I love it. Could I do this life forever…heck no! How can anybody afford it! I do love coming home every so often, having some wine, lighting a candle and catching up on a few shows, or even better yet scrolling through my favourite blogs. As they say, live in Melbourne and be doomed for the rest of your life. This place has been ranked the #1 most livable city in the world to live and it’s easy to see why. The transport, food, shopping…all of it is extremely accessible and GOOD. Actually amaze balls. But even more so, there is always something to do, something going on and you never feel crowded. Ever. The culture here is huge….art, music, sports, fashion, brunching. There is something for everyone. And people are NICE. But…..Canadians are nicer. For real, it’s true & even the Aussies admit it.IMG_2604


If you made it to the end of this lengthy post…thank you!

Ohhhh & where are we moving to next? A house? An apartment? A van?…. NO IDEA! Wish us luck.


Court xoxo






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  1. So beautiful Court 🌺 you truly are amazing ✨ we love you to the moon and back and are counting the days until we can sit with a glass of 🍷 Together and listen to all your beautiful adventures 😍 Hugs and kisses you rock 💜💞💜 Mom, Dad and Jordan 💗


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