Melbourne Realizations

Melbourne Realizations

I can’t believe I’ve been here for 5 months! Here are some of my “realizations” thus far.


  1. The FOOD scene here is real.
  2. If you aren’t partaking in the brunch scene on Saturdays and Sundays, you aren’t living.
  3. Coffee is FREAKIN huge here. It’s a lifestyle.
  4. Then again flat whites usually go for 4 or 5 dollars…for a pretty tiny cup. CRAZY!
  5. The winter months are COOOOOLD! Yes, I’m Canadian, so 10 degrees should not feel COLD, but the wind that is Melbourne in the winter months is next level.
  6. Markets save you plenty of money. Buy your produce from markets such as the Queen Victoria market and you will save plenty of money.
  7. Espresso Martini’s are huge & for good reason. Trust me, they are YUMMMM but $$$.
  8. Yes people actually walk around, grocery shop and go about their days barefoot. No joke. In Melbourne we see it a bit, but coming down the coast from Cairns…oh me oh my, it’s like you are weird for wearing flip flops or any kind of shoe for that matter.
  9. Chapel Street will kill your bank account. From the brunch spots, the cafes, the amount of restaurants and bars… will have the hardest time choosing where to begin your morning or night out.
  10. It is very common to enjoy brunch at one place, hop on over to another café for afternoon coffee, and start getting the drinks flowing somewhere on a patio around 4 or 5 pm….and let the night carry you away.

  1. The Queen Victoria Market is amazing. The Night Market that happens every Wednesday night from 5-10 pm is even better. Mulled wine? Homemade soup? I’m in!
  2. The laneways are ridiculous. You will find secret bars, hidden cafes with different themes, shops and incredibly beautiful artwork on the buildings. Seriously you can spend days exploring the laneways of Melbourne’s CBD.
  3. The Mall has like 6 floors…..which made buying shoes a two day ordeal for me. How can one choose?
  4. There is something about Melbournians and sitting in their cars. I don’t know what it is, please if you know tell me. But no matter the time of day or what area we walk in, people are always hanging out in their cars…usually eating. Even when it’s super hot and beautiful out. I don’t get it.
  5. Cars have the right away here, not the pedestrian….so yup be careful folks!
  6. You walk 3 blocks and you are in a different city “suburb”, each with a completely different flare. I swear people watching in Melbourne is a pastime.
  7. There are Nandos everywhere!
  8. AFL (Australian Football League) called Footy is their bible here. If you pick a team…don’t you dare ever change your mind. Melbournians come out of the womb with a team chosen for them, and they never ever question it. They are loyal.
  9. Bikes everywhere!
  10. Smoking is SOOOO COMMON! Like it’s weird that we don’t smoke.
  11. Flinders Street station is like getting the train from a museum. The famous clocks at the front are a common meeting place for people, usually heard saying “meet me under the clocks”.
  12. The gardens are gorgeous in Melbourne.
  13. The State Library is stunning. The perfect place to relax. Or study. Or wander.
  14. Never a dull moment in Fed Square.
  15. You will NEVER, EVER, EVER, I repeat NEVER find yourself saying there is no where to eat. You will actually find yourself too confused, indecisive, frustrated and overwhelmed by how many options Melbourne offers.
  16. Music everywhere. I repeat live music. In the bars, the streets, the parks…it’s beautiful.
  17. Do not expect amazing service at restaurants. They do not get tips, so they don’t really care.
  18. Flying within Australia is super affordable and accessible. Flying from Toronto to Vancouver could be $400 each way. Here you can fly to Perth for $175!
  19. Smashed Avo (avocado) makes you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.
  20. You can find $4.00 bottles of wine…& it’s actually good. Beer on the other hand, and any other liquor….you are paying stupid amounts.
  21. Aussies love the word “heaps” meaning a lot….”we will have heaps of food”.
  22. Aussies do not speak proper English. I’m not kidding when I say everything is shortened here. And not just in conversation or dialogue, but on menus, restaurant signs, in the newspapers, billboards…everything! Examples of shortened words and some different lingo:

Hot Chockie- Hot Chocolate

Avo- Avocado

Avro- Afternoon

Bachie- Bachelorette

Fortnight- Every two weeks

Chippy- Carpentar

Brickie- Brick layer

Sparky- Electrician

Lippie- Lipstick

Maccas- McDonalds

Brekkie- Breakfast

Cuppa- Cup of tea

Straya- Australia (because that is just too hard to say)

Bottle-O- Liquor store

Tradie- Tradesman 


Trackie Dacks- Tack pants

Jumper- Sweater

Salvo- Salvation Army

Champers- Champagne

Thong- flip flop

Pram- Stroller

Capsicum- Bell Pepper

33. “I reckon” means “I think”, “I’m so keen” means “I’m so excited”, “He’s a shocker” means “he’s a piece of work”, “that’s cheeky” means “that’s a bit sassy”, “I’m busting” means “I have to go to the washroom really bad”, “I need a rubber” means “I need an eraser”, “good on ya” means “good job”, “give it a go” means “try your best”, “don’t spoil it” means “don’t ruin it”, “rubbish” is “garbage” and a “bin” is “garbage bin” not a bin where you put work in, “How you going” means “How are you doing”, “whatcha after?” means “what do you want or what are you looking for?”. Guys I’m not joking…my day as a teacher involves kids busting, asking for rubbers, and staff constantly asking me “how I am going”. Needless to say, I am very confused throughout most of the day. 

34. If you want to be Australian abbreviate everything!  

35. It’s true what they say. Move to Melbourne and be doomed. “To live in Melbourne is to curse everywhere else you live for the rest of your life”.













Off to go watch the Bachie (Aussie bachelor) with some cheap wine & Tim Tams,


Court xoxo


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  1. Court so so proud of you 💞 This post is awesome you really are rocking this blogging thing ✨👏✨ you got this 🌺🌸🌺


  2. The short forms of things had me cracking up haha!

    And wow, $4.00 bottles of wine .. We might never get you back.. Kidding, you belong to the oaks ❤️


  3. Thanks Courtney for the amazing updates and insights… Australia and Melbourne are now on my buck-list.. Keep the updates coming and looking forward to our next face time.. Love You Dad xoxox


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