Landing in Sydney, I was running on complete adrenaline. After 24 hours of travelling and 2 flights, I can’t even say I was tired because my flight from LAX –> SYD was 15 hours….and I slept for a solid 13 hours. How I got so lucky, I have no idea. The plane was empty, I had a whole row to myself, so of course I sprawled right out, took off my uggs, ordered a glass of complimentary wine, said a prayer, opened some plane letters and curled right up with the blanket and pillow that was awaiting me. I even managed to fall asleep after the first sip and wake up to the rest of the wine all over me (thank god it was white). Delta…thank you for making me feel like I was flying first class. That was by far the best airplane food I’ve ever had and the flight attendants were fantastic.


Getting off that flight in a completely different time zone had me a bit out of whack, but luckily JESS was there to welcome me with the cutest sign!

Couldn’t ask for more

Ferry from Manly

I spent 11 days in Sydney, and had two of the best tour guides, Jess and Sarah. So Jess, my crazy friend, moved to Sydney in January…. completely alone! She is living it up in Sydney, absolutely killing it! YOU GO GIRL! Luckily for me, she knows her way around Sydney and knew all the hotspots to take me to. I spent 8 days with Jess and we filled those days with the sites, sounds and tastes of Sydney. Jess was the BEST host. She was up for anything and really wanted me to truly experience as much as I could while I was there. She cooked super yummy dinners for me, even if she hated how energetic I was every morning (she secretly loved it though). We had so much fun together…ate WAY TOO MUCH and loved every moment of it. I think it’s time for another trip to Sydney??

Bondi Beach
The Three Sisters
Blue Mountains
Sydney Opera House
Toronto takes Sydney 

Sarah lives in the suburbs of the city, across the bridge. I wouldn’t have even called Sarah my friend before I stayed with her. She is the niece of a family I worked for back home and she came to Canada for Christmas. Her aunt really wanted us to meet, especially with my potential move abroad, and so we met for coffee & hit it off! Sarah and her family created a second home for me in Sydney. From a welcome package, my own bedroom, home cooked meals with the whole family, stories, tales, and travel planning, they really spoiled me. I was able to see a different side of Sydney then the usual tourist does because when you only come for 3 or 4 days, you obviously stick to the city, the incredible harbour front and all the touristy things. Sarah brought me to their holiday home in Port Stephens where we went dolphin watching, hiking, and enjoyed the beach. We spent a day sipping wine in the Hunter Valley and another day driving to Palm Beach with a pit stop for brunch. Our nights consisted of living room chats about life in Canada verses life in Australia with a wine and cheese platter…what more could a girl want. Thank you to the Baynie family for spoiling me rotten. I can’t imagine a better way to have finished off my time in Sydney.

The cutest Aussie Care Package 
Sarah and I sharing a moment of love 
Palm Beach
Bondi to Coogee Walk


Brunch @ Nourished



Hunter Valley


Gloomy winery days


Thank you Sarah for being an amazing tour guide & local expert
Thank you Sydney


Next, I’ll share a list of must do’s in Sydney.

Court xoxo



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